Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Doug Belshaw has an interesting post about VLEs on his blog. Some jolly useful stuff except that one vendor took exception to his posting. Rather than commenting on the blog they contacted his employer!
***I had criticized TALMOS in this section, but they contacted my school to ask me remove my ‘potentially commercially damaging’ comments. It’s a shame to be effectively silenced through legal threats when all I did was compare their offering unfavourably against another…***
Not good, not good at all. Strikes me that the TALMOS vendors, Core Projects and Technologies (UK) Limited, simply don't get it.

* Update * - AJ Cann has blogged about this - it was Alan's tweet that directed me to the piece in the first place
* Update II - Jo Badge has picked it up too
* Update III - Careful who you pick on

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Doug Belshaw said...

Thanks Nigel. A very poor move on the part of TALMOS. :-(