Sunday, 22 June 2008

Uni of Manchester

Whitworth Building
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Just back from visiting Manchester for the university Open Day. It's one of Jemma's "Possibles". We went up on Friday and had a great evening with Rob Spence - we sipped a couple of glasses of rather good ale in a city centre hostelry (Jemma stuck with diet coke).

Saturday was a long day which wasn't improved by the rain but interesting nonetheless. Given some of the work I'm involved in it was interesting to see how another university "sold" itself and despite being a "selecting" rather than a "recruiting" university Manchester still have to make sure that they are attracting AAA to ABB students; they have >7k places to fill each year.

They also aspire to be in the top five research universities within the next seven years so they are actively pursuing Nobel Laureates to boost their RAE results (at no stage did anyone sidle up and ask me if I'd work for them!)

All up it was a fascinating experience and probably more so because I've never been onto the main campus despite spending the first 22 years of my life living a couple of miles away.

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