Monday, 23 June 2008

Learning behind bars » Learning behind bars

Great piece in the University of York student newspaper - it's about offender learning and gives a great insight into how offender learning works (albeit in just one prison - as the piece points out, all prisons are different). Worth reading!

2 careful considerations:

ChaikiLi said...

You are right, this is an amazing article. What concerns me is that here in America, even when the students do get an education, they still cannot get jobs. Even teaching at the community college level is a near impossibility. It is so obviously a circular argument, that to hire a prisoner risks bringing crime inside the business, but to not hire them risks them returning to crime to make a living. Any ideas as to solutions?

Nogbad said...

I really don't know - I'm not sure that it's a completely bleak picture, some ex-offenders do find work while others might go back to a job they held before conviction. I guess it depends, in large part, on the nature of the offence and the period of their sentence.