Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Good news!

The day before Christmas Eve I took big child and her brother shopping. We did Waitrose at Paddock Wood and then Sainsburys at RTW. While pulling into the car park there the car started making a most unholy noise from the front bit - technically I understand this is referred to as the "engine".

Rather than camp out in a barren car park for the festivities we collected some delectibles and headed for home. The racket from the front was so loud it was difficult to drown out with the radio; that must give some indication of how bad things were, but the engine wasn't showing any degredation in performance. Arriving home we noticed some smoke from the front bit so unpacked PDQ and locked the car up.

My limited technical knowledge suggested two things. Firstly that this wasn't going to heal itself and also that it might be terminal. Eeeek! No good time to have to replace the car but this is probably the worst given the lack of spendables and the weather and lack of opportunity to get round a range of places to get some tyres kicked.

Anyways - blokey came and took a look yesterday and it's not as bad as it could have been. He's going to get some parts and sprinkle magic "fixing dust" and I need not get a different car just yet! All should be well in a few days - just waiting in some form of sprocket (or rocket or docket or some such which).

I've not been out of the house since the car died though so I'm using Jam Cab to hit a supermarket so that I can restock on carbohydrates - going stir crazy here!!!

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