Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Postgate dies

Oliver Postgate has died. Postgate, working with Peter Firmin, created Noggin the Nog - the real hero was, of course, Nogbad the Bad. For those who don't know about these things check out this page about Noggin and listen to the first sound file. That's Oliver Postgate reading the intro. It's worth having a look round that site, it's lovely and includes a copy of a letter from Postgate giving approval for the site to be created on the understanding that he and Firmin could veto any parts they felt weren't accurate or in keeping with "the Noggin atmosphere". Check the disclaimer for the letter.

1 careful considerations:

Carrie A said...

Followed the links you suggested and found this line: "Land of Nog where life was peaceful, if a bit dull, except when Nogbad was up to something." Sounds like things around here. So sorry, it's hard when a favorite icon passes.