Sunday, 14 December 2008


My life is ruined. A heartless unthinking decision by an unelected government employee has blighted my life and probably that of my children and possibly even their, as yet unborn, children. In fact the whole country will probably be laid barren and birds will never sing again. Crops will fail and grapes will wither on the vine. Darkness and pestilence will stalk the land and the long shadow of death will touch us all as was foretold. The cause of all this? The appalling state of Strictly Come Dancing and the latest voting disaster.

Of course I might be overstating the effects - I've never watched the programme so I didn't witness the terrible act - but my conclusions are based on the news coverage today. If the BBC had been playing martial music between news broadcasts I'd have thought the Queen had died.

I only hope we can all pull together, the old Dunkirk spirit, and maybe we'll get through this.

2 careful considerations:

Carrie A said...

And my greatest concern was what was going to happen to O.J. Simpson's memoriabilia when it was removed from the Football Hall of Fame. Oh! The horrible revelation of my own shallowness! How will I ever recov...Say is that chocolate?

Echomouse said...

"thought the Queen had died"....lolol

I know how you feel. It's as if journalists have studied how to make people panic instead of how to deliver facts and inform people.

In any case, I really hope the Queen doesn't die anytime soon because we (Canada) may need her pretty soon. Our gov't is all f'd up at the moment. I want the Queen to fire her rep over here and get us someone better :)