Sunday, 17 December 2006


So who shifted Nottingham so far north???

Got the train at 06:17 (after running for it as it was in the station while I was buying the ticket) and then crossed London on the packed tube and grabbed another train at St Pancras (Patron saint of livers) and then another at Grantham - famously voted the most boring town in England and the birthplace of Maggie. Three and a bit hours of really useful meeting and then headed back home.

Train from Nottingham to London died outside Bedford so when it limped into Beds we were all turfed off and told to take the next train - anyone surprised that it was full? 40 minutes standing in very close proximity (any closer and we'd have had to marry) to a guy with a limited grasp of English (it was all F*** this and f*** that and trying to get his lady to go in the toilet for a f***) was great prep for hitting the tube at rush hour. Got home at 20:30 fully fried.

No punchline - just a good day surrounded by 10 hours of travel which was less than useful. I don't want sympathy, just throw money! :-)

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Bluefluff said...

How odd. Nottingham has always struck me as being an inconvenient distance to the south ;-)
Add in a smidgeon of travel phobia & you see why I just luurve going to OU meetings by train!
I hope they threw at least a little money at you to make it worth your while.