Saturday, 9 December 2006

Mr White?

"Mr White? We need to talk!"
If you've seen the film you'll know what that refers to - if you haven't then you have a treat to come.

Calum and I went to the pictures, last time I saw a film on the big screen the acting people didn't speak but there was a jolly nice chap in the corner of the cinema playing the piano to make things more exciting as the girl was tied to the railway line and the baddie twirled his moustache. Imagine my surprise to find that not only do people speak but their lips move in time to the talking! Imagine also my shock to find that our small selection of pick & mix plus a couple of colas cost in excess of GBP14! The tickets were only GBP12.
Damn fine film, high octane, non-stop, lots of twists and action all the way. Enjoyed it greatly.

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Gill said...

I miss you. Have a lovely Chrissy. Gill xx