Monday, 25 December 2006

Tough stuff

Time for some tough decisions but I guess that's what sorts the men from the boys.

The family have been and having dined on fowl from the East (I bought it in Whitfield which is about 8 miles east of here) and choice tubers they have departed. I was the only one drinking and we all went to The Mermaid where I enjoyed a festive pint and I'm just finished a very agreeable claret. I cooked enough spuds but there are none left for bubble & squeak which is a bit of a bugger but not the biggest deal I've ever dealt with.

The kitchen looks like a bomb has exploded and I have enough washing up for a week or so.
How will our hero deal with all this? Easy really - I've closed the blind in the kitchen so anyone walking past won't worry that the house has been ransacked.

The only decision left to make is whether to hit the Port now or open another bottle of red first - it's a tough old world at times isn't it?
I hope your day has been equally fantabulous.

4 careful considerations:

Bluefluff said...

Good one here too :-)
Hope you managed to make an appropriate decison & didn't overlook the technological challenge of the wine box!
Wishing you a hangover-free Boxing Day :-)

ScaryCheri said...

Ahhhh. the holidays are filled with tense moments. A late Happy Christmas to you!

Nogbad said...

Lynne - I went with the other bottle of Claret and then the port. It seemed to work but this AM was a bugger!

Cheri - where ya been angel? I've linked to your new blog and I expect more tales of biscuits and gravy :-) Happy whatever to you and kiddo - I missed you.

Anonymous said...

bubble n squeak! The last time I ate that would have been in the 80s when I lived at home. Makes my mouth water!