Wednesday, 20 December 2006


So Jemma and I are just back from the carol singing. I invested a fiver in the Christmas draw and we return victorious! There were 140 prizes and I guess the highlights were the CD player or the electronic keyboard but I'm now the proud possessor of a box of wine. Now this is a technology of which I am aware but I haven't previously used. According to the instructions it holds 3 litres at 12% and once opened must be consumed within a few hours (my glasses steamed up over the later parts of the instructions so I may have misread it). I'm hoping 3 litres of wine will see me through the tricky period between The Mermaid closing at 14:00 on Cristmas Day and then not reopening until midday on Boxing Day.

As if that wasn't enough we also won a Marks & Spencers "Cheese board selection", no board involved but loads of lovely cheese with exciting names (although Dervla Kerwin in the flesh would have worked even better! (She does the voice-overs for those who are confused (and this won't make sense for those outside the ITV area))) - Jemma is a vegetarian so that's her Christmas lunch done and dusted!

2 careful considerations:

methel said...

Nice one Nog but just make sure Jemma keeps that cheese plate under wraps and off Basil's radar - on second thoughts perhaps she might consider it an Xmas donation to the rid this house of Basil fund? Sorry Jemma - just joking ;-) Happy Christmas anyway.

Nogbad said...

I see you are still battling Basil Dr M. I had a similar visitation earlier this year but the humane mousetrap helped me take my little friend for a walk. I released him well past the cricket pitch and can only assume he's gone to live with the wealthier folk down that end of the village