Saturday, 17 June 2006

Connection problems

Sunday night - Gentle thunderstorm somewhere but not overhead.
Monday morning - no Internet connection but had to swap cars so not fussed. During trip through Canterbury notice lots of traffic lights not working, word of powercuts.
Tuesday - Still no connection, spoke to BT Internet. I imagine that being circumcised without any pain relief would be more fun.
Wednesday - Lack of connection is getting in the way, I had assignments to upload!
Thursday and Friday - Working in the office so able to use connection for other stuff.
Today - shelled out for a new wireless router. All sorted!

6 careful considerations:

Anna said...

We can exchange links?
Mine blog
http: //
You also can tell to me about yourselves :))

Bluefluff said...

Oh, there's only one Nog ;-)

Morning-Loves-It said...

Today BT Voyager wireless router wouldn't connect even though it was live.

I phoned BT in India. The man said unplug your box by taking a plug out for three minutes and then connect the power again.

We silently held our phones and counted three minutes and then I plugged the power back and it worked - we were connected to the Internet ad the WWW.


All is well here as well, because if I can't submit OU assignments, if I can't watch my bank account and pay stuff (and shop) online and if I can't e-mail then it would be a major rethink as to how I run my life.

Angie said...

This is why I have a back up dialup. :)

pal said...

Hmmmm ........ bad workman etc etc

Bluefluff said...

I've been on dodgy connections for over a week now. NTL are working on "network upgrades", so they say. Doesn't alter the fact that my connection works perfectly with the modem plugged into my PC, & intermittently-variably-with-time-of-day with it plugged into my router. Blaming my tools? I certainly am!!