Saturday, 24 June 2006


For many years I've clung to the theory that technology will cure itself if enough swearing and sweat is expended. Today my theory is again borne out. Since buying the new router Outlook and Mailwasher have not been able to get out whenever the dodgy connection, it's a "Connect at whim" service, has decided to play out.

This weekend I looked forward to lots more tinkering with settings and spent some time at work printing off the stuff from forums and MSKB and DLink support and such like.

This AM I brewed a cup of tea and started to prepare for battle. The connection worked first time and Mailwasher downloaded the headers for a few hundred emails (I've been relying on webmail) and zapped the spam. I've got 105 emails to read (most I've already dealt with online) and now I don't know if it'll work again in an hour because I don't know why it's working now :-(

I've run "Shields Up" and that suggests that I'm still in stealth mode so I've not killed the firewall so I'm at a loss but hey ho, I'm here again - at least for now!

5 careful considerations:

kat said...

Stop swearing at it and talk to it nicely. It responds to a bit of love and affection. :-)

Angie said...


Now get back to posting! :)

Bluefluff said...

Kat - that's not my experience. Technology throws affection back in your face. Much better to show it who's boss!

kat said...

Bluefluff - Assertive affection - Words like 'Now! Thank you.':-)

(Am I the only person who picks up a bit of paper and says thank you to the printer? )

Nogbad - Hope you get it sorted soon. The longest I've been without a decent connection was 5 days and I admit to being extremely distressed. It wasn't the technology to blame though, it was the idiots who cut through the cable outside.

TRT said...

The oedipal perversions of modern technology...