Thursday, 1 June 2006

When two ideas clash

Okay I have to admit that I should be working on a late assignment but I fell asleep reading one of the set texts (gosh but it's dull) and woke with a start to think about turning off the PC and heading to bed. Just afore I did that I checked a few links and found the story of the Wandering Scribe on Ollie's blog (lot of pink happening there Ollie!). Wandering scribe's blog is here.

Got me thinking about some students I've worked with in the past including one who lived in a camper van and split their time between the south coast and Scotland. It made studying an online course a tad difficult but they ploughed on - I don't know if they made it (they weren't in my group but I was roped in to offer additional support). From there it's a short hop to thinking about some of the things we let get in the way of our own success and the idea that fear of success is often a big hurdle for many of us to overcome - that's a technical term a friend shared with me, the friend is a v clever psychologist and therefore to be trusted.

So............ don't keep finding reasons not to do something - just do it! Right, off to me bed for a few hours before whizzing round the M25 for another day of fun for which I get paid :-)

2 careful considerations:

TRT said...

I'm planning on starting a procrastination society. Tomorrow.

Echo Mouse said...

Well this is timely. I'm trying to jump that hurdle myself at the moment.

It's not so much the fear of success. I've had that. It's the people I would have to deal with ;) I think I'd rather spit nails than try to be "a success!" again. Unless there's some way to do it without selling your soul or having your soul crushed.