Thursday, 8 June 2006


Great joy - kill the fatted calf! The spud-faced one will play!

For anyone living outside these fair shores, and for that alone you have my deepest sympathy, this may not mean much or even anything but this sceptered isle has been holding its collective breath worrying about a metatarsel. In fact we've not had any other events over the last few weeks with which to trouble journalists - even the antics of Pressa (the fifth and X-rated Teletubby) or old "what's his name", Bush's friend, you know - the bloke who smiles and sweats no matter how embarrasing his latest faux pas has been, have been pushed off the front pages or down the news agenda while we all studied the delicate bone structure of a millionaire's foot. But now we have the news we've been waiting for and there will probably be talk of a new Bank Holiday so that generations to come can look back on this day and remember our deliverance. So far Kofi Annan's thought on this haven't been sought but everyone else in the world has been interviewed and their views known.

So, brothers and sisters, remember Agincourt, Waterloo and Trafalgar. Remember Rourke's Drift and the Charge of the Light Brigade and but remember today more than anything - if the news is to be believed this really is a day of great portent.

10 careful considerations:

Ollie said...

Love it! :o) A friend of mine who lives in Lubeck just to the north of Hamburg, writes that the owner of the Chelsea football club Bramovitch? (not sure if that's how you spell it) has got his yacht parked in L├╝beck harbour. Well, it's not so much a yacht as a millionaire + ship! It's another world...

Rob Spence said...

The thing is, though, Mr Potato head will be available only for the latter stages - and there's the little matter of the group matches first. I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr Rooney won't be kicking a ball this summer.

me! said...

Came across your blog and it made me chuckle! Not just todays - the whole page, especially the memory stick thing! Keep up the good work.

francessa said...

No, no, no!!! Everybody over here (well, almost everybody) has followed the history of Mr Rooney's injuries day in, day out! Hope, he's gonna make it, finally!

Echo Mouse said...

What a minute!!! There's a FIFTH TELETUBBY???!!!! Where? I love Teletubbies :) lol

Who is Shrub's friend that sweats? Are we talking 'bout Blair here or the new stupidity of Canada (ie. PM Harper)?
[[Don't even get me started!]] lol

Well, I hope this all works out for you guys. As for Waterloo, it's about an hour down the road. Trafalgar street area is really not a good neighbourhood over here. Come to think of it, Agincourt doesn't exactly have people flocking to live there either.


The Wrath of Dawn said...

Egad. I know of whom you speak. And if I know, not being a particularly sporty type, myself, everyone knows.

--:-- --:-- --:--*

*VCR speak for "Program me now, Pl-l-l-l-lease!

Nogbad said...

Damn - if you are able to interpret machine codes in this way I really feel you should get out more :-)

Mouse - Prescott is the fifth tellytubby.

Rob - I hope the swede plays the potato against the trinny tobagoes. I can't imagine Taggart surviving the apoplexy!

Ollie - Schoen gruess

me! - Keep chuckling!

Francessa - what a brilliant start to proceedings, Lamme and Wanchope the first scorers. I'm please that Germany hopes to see sud play, I'm sure I speak for many when I say we hope that Herr Ballack is also able to turn out - but not against England!

The Wrath of Dawn said...

Machine code, yes. It's this I can't fathom - I hope the swede plays the potato against the trinny tobagoes. I can't imagine Taggart surviving the apoplexy!

Is it a vegetable uprising? In Scot's garden?

Echo Mouse said...

Well, that explains how I missed this.

He's not nearly as cute as the real Tubbies.

Rob Spence said...

Wrath of Dawn - you say you can't work out "I hope the swede plays the potato against the trinny tobagoes. I can't imagine Taggart surviving the apoplexy!" It's easy really:
Swede = England manager Sven Goran Eriksson (a Swede)
Potato = star English player Wayne Rooney, who looks like a potato
Trinny Tobagoes - Trinidad and Tobago (and that's one team) who are England's opponents in the next match
Taggart = Sir Alex Ferguson, club manager of Rooney, nicknmaned thus after a fictional Glaswegian TV detective whom he resembles. Having paid 28 million pounds for Rooney, Ferguson will be, shall we say, a little upset if his prize possession is crocked playing for England too soon after suffering a broken foot.
See, all very straightforward...