Friday, 14 October 2005


I think I mentioned that Canterbury were in imperious form last weekend and here's the match report on the CRFC web site. As always where reading a report from any sporting event we've attended there are bits I may disagree with - had the Canterbury full back not had a lift home he'd have been stuck, on the showing during the game I doubt he could have caught a bus! Tomorrow it's another home game and it's Hertford in the Powergen National Cup.

For those living in a different time zone (and that includes Annarid who I know to be about ten years behind everyone else because of the children) rugby is the game from which some have suggested American Football evolved but that's rubbish. Everyone knows that American Football is the product of intelligent design!

5 careful considerations:

annarid said...

Cheeky sod! But, thanks for giving me something to blame. As you must know, it's a well-known fact that when a mother has a child between the ages of 0-5 years, 10% of her brain cells are severely damaged - so for a long time I was only running at 60%/70%/90% capacity - not that there's any excuse now - as little Ridglet is no longer so wee.

So who is Rudgby?

Nogbad said...

So did Ridgers find himself standing outside PC World, clutching his pocket money, nose pressed against the window before they opened so that he could invest in a Palm PDA? Or is he starting with he PocketMod?

Bluefluff said...

it's a well-known fact that when a mother has a child between the ages of 0-5 years...she's started a bit earlier than average?

Sorry ;-)

As a fellow producer-&-raiser-of-4, I know just where you're coming from!

Nogbad said...

Anna - you and Bluefluff should have a chat about your monolingual babysitter, it'll save you bullying me because I can't rap a la Francais - I have a feeling Bluefluff can speak it a tad :-)

Bluefluff said...

Mais oui, mon cher, comme tu voudras :-)