Sunday, 9 October 2005

Independence Day

Independence Day was Calum's film of choice this weekend and we watched it last night after seeing Canterbury RFC destroy Tabard RFC (named after the inn in Southwark where Chaucer's pilgrims set off for Canterbury). If anyone hasn't seen it it's a great "boy's" film, lots of shoot 'em up action and a few laughs and in jokes; a computer that boots with a sound clip of HAL saying "Hello Dave" and a character saying that it was a bad day to give up drinking.

Today we went to Lydden Hill for car racing - not as exciting as last time as there were not many cars racing but different types (single seater open cars, Caterham Sevens, etc) so still a good day.

This pretty car broke down close to where we were standing so it was easy to photograph. My digital camera isn't the best for high speed shots because of the delay between pressing the button and capture , trying to get the bikes or cars at racing speeds leads to a lot of shots of a back wheel!

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