Sunday, 30 October 2005


Calum and Jemma stayed on Friday and Jemma and I formally watched a film rated "15" together - don't anyone get the idea that she's not watched 15s before but now she can watch them properly. Thus we spent Friday watching "The Life of Brian" - great fun.

Saturday was rugby and Jemma really didn't enjoy it but Canterbury were superb and brushed aside Worthing in a really tough game. As a payback for making her go to watch we had a couple of hours shopping in Canterbury first and I upgraded my mobile so that she could have the old handset, she had damaged hers in a "phone down toilet" incident - I'm now the proud user of an SPV C550! Next weekend Canterbury play London Welsh in the cup and that's going to be very tough and the weekend after Richmond visit Cardy Field for a top of the table clash (see how I can drop into sports journalise?? :-))

4 careful considerations:

kat said...

My mum has bought a new mobile phone. She's just brought it round in the box.

Nogbad said...

Well I headed out this morning with my new mobile in the full expectation that as I got out of the valley I'd get a signal but no joy. The error message changed though and when I got to a landline I rang Orange. After much discussion it appears that blokey in the shop had registered the new SIM but told me to use my old one hence no phone. Just got home and changed the SIM over and it's working but it was a tad frustrating.

kat said...

Ah the man in the shop. He's to blame for everything. I can never trust the man in the shop. Not a sexist comment - the women in the shop can be just as bad.

ScaryCheri said...

YES! The wholy Gord!!!

love that movie. 15s eh? I've wondered before how yall's movie rating system worked over there