Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Well then! 18th October is the anniversary of me moving to Bishopsbourne! A year that seems to have flown by in some ways.

I spent part of Saturday evening at a splendid party celebrating a friend's 60th birthday. It was at the village hall and there was live music (not Status Quo but some friends of Mark's played some smashing folk music), dancing (not me!), food and a bar. A good time was had by all! Who would have thought, five or so years ago, that I'd be spending a lovely evening watching people dance "Stripping the willow"? I was working for an IT company, being paid big bucks to travel all over the country as a Technical Consultant. Now I don't schlep up to Warrington regularly or spend hours talking in acronyms and trying to pretend that the scren was supposed to go blank and the system reboot when that "feature" was invoked. It's taken a long time to find out that I'm better suited to a slower world :-)

7 careful considerations:

Angie said...

60th huh?? You'll be there in no time yourself huh?? ;)

Bluefluff said...

The OU can have that effect on people :-)
Oh, that's a comment on finding a better pace of life, not the imminent approach of 60!

Morning-Loves-It said...

Happy anniversary Nigel.

PS: The giraffe is driving me bonkers now!

annarid said...

And it's our happy anniversary today - 5 years though. Was it something we said? We move to Loose - you move away! I still can't believe the boys were only two when we moved in!!

Nogbad said...

Well have a glass of that champagne on the photo :-)

The boys were two or you only had two?

And most people reading this won't know that Loose is a "village" outside Maidstone in Kent so I'll spell it out for them here :-)

annarid said...

"Where are you going?" everyone said......."Toulouse" we replied. To clarify the situation for all those avid readers and fans of yours! I am not a Loose Woman.

And yes, the boys were two and we only had (and still have) two.

Ta muchly for the champagne (I got the date wrong - we moved in on 19 Oct having got married on 20 Sep - better not tell Dave! He took long enough to agree to the latter).

annarid said...

Blast! I was trying to clarify the Loose situation not the Loose woman situation!!