Tuesday, 4 October 2005


This may help.

MCIVTA is Manchester City Information Via The Alps - although the site is actually in Norway now! It's the source of real news to exiled City fans around the world and takes the form of a twice weekly electronic fanzine delivered free to subscribers and written by people who have been to matches, watched them on TV or simply want to gas about City. It has regular contributions from New York, Florida, Australia, Manchester and the People's republic of Hyde. It's the best place to find out what is happening in the Blue world under the Blue Moon. According to Rich Fenton in the latest edition (1161, 03/10)
Prior to kick-off today, City introduced Helen Turner's family out to the centre circle as part of the commemoration of the passing of one of our most famous and best loved supporters.
Back issues are available on that site (as is an explanation of the name) and this one also has more stories of Helen's exploits as she shepherded young City fans through the back doubles and ginnels of towns across the footy world on away game days. They also have a "Why Blue" feature which invites supporters to try and explain why they follow a team which enjoyed its zenith over thirty years ago and has since visited Grimsby (big game - fans wishing to buy tickets had to answer a quiz about Grimsby before they got tickets) and Wycombe. I watched Lincoln at Maine Road, only a very small number of the very small number who read this will understand what that means! We sang "What's it like to see a crowd?". If anyone wants to find a City fan in Brisbane or simply see another way the Internet is used to create communities of interest should plug into MCIVTA - and it is usually a bit of a laugh too, an Anorak's Prediction league (postgrad applied maths on mind altering drugs?) and tales of City fans turning up to the last game in pyjamas because the kick of was so early last Sunday. As City fans are often heard saying to each other - Keep the faith!

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Nogbad said...

I hope that Lopita and Tim get on. I've taken the liberty of introducing them. They each has the other's email address now so we can only home that their offspring are fine and upstanding!

Bluefluff said...

Thanks for the update :-)
I'll let the remark about Grimsby go by.....

Nogbad said...

MCVITA is often a great read even without any football interests. Simply stories about people doing daft things - the superstitions about games; wearing the same shirt or hat or underwear to make sure the team wins, all human life is there!

Bluefluff said...

It certainly looks more fun than Grimsby's "electronic fishcake" LOL!