Saturday, 14 January 2006

Four things

El Mouse invited me to share this thang (you know what these 'Mericans are like) and I don't want to upset her so here goes..............
Four jobs you've had in your life: Nice easy one to start, just soooooo many to choose from! Children's Entertainer on a holiday camp, chef, Operational audit and Communications manager (put that in because I like the way it trips off the tongue, business cards were A4 sized), Open University tutor.

Four movies you could watch over and over: Shawshank Redemption, Casablanca, All that jazz, Wayne's World

Four places you've lived: Another long list to go at! Loose (Maidstone, Kent), Scarborough (North Yorks), Munich (Bavaria), Manchester - where I was born and dragged up.

Four places you've been on holiday: Andros (Greek Island), Preston Brook (the Trent & Mersey canal), Vienna (Austria), Portugal.

Four websites you visit daily: BBC, Open University, Smart Mobs, Echo Mouse :-)

Four TV shows you love to watch:
BBC News, The West Wing, Match of the Day (sometimes), Later with Jools Holland (Struggled with this - TV is often on but I don't really watch much)

Four of your favourite foods:
Salad Nicoise (bet I've spelt that wrong), Tournados Cordon Rouge, chocolate, Guinness

Four places you'd rather be: Erm! Tricky this one as I'd usually be where I am but........... Munich (in Zum Donisl on the Marienplatz having a nice cold Helles and watching the world rush by), having a coffee on the KuDamm in Berlin, New York, Anywhere with my children

Four albums you can't live without:
Blood on the tracks (Dylan), Beethoven's 9th (Berlin, Christmas 1989, Bernstein conducting, words changed to "Ode an Die Freiheit"), Holland (The Beach Boys), Born to run (Springsteen)
Ask me again in five minutes and that list will have changed!
I'm not going to tag anyone but I'd love to see what GW, Bluefluff, Morning and Kat would make of this.

9 careful considerations:

Angie said...

uh ... (pouts) ... no mention of me anywheres. And ... New York?? Not San Francisco?? Okay now! You're gonna make me cry!


Anonymous said...

U bugger Nog.

Tell me Nog, are you the devil's advocaat?

Morning-Loves-It said...

And they say the Internet is an impersonal way to communicate. I feel as if I know you better than many of my drinking bloke mates down the pub!

We've never met but I could have predicted some of your anwers - and two of them are the same as mine will be. Once I've done them ;-)

Tina said...

We went to Andros in 1990....I remember it well because we took a taxi to a little beach we'd spotted while on the coach, asked the driver to collect us a few hours later, it never turned up and poor hub had to shelter under his towel he was so sunburnt! We walked back to our apartment in the end, it was miles! I seem to remember having very little water with'd never happen now we are much older and wiser (and can both drive so we rent a car!) :o)

Nogbad said...

Ang! I read your blog every day - I honestly do (and you know it!). I've never been to SF so I don't know if I'd like to be there (I didn't like LA). NY - Battery Park on a windy Sunday morning? Times Square? The top of the Empire State building? One of the most beautiful buldings in the world (Chrysler)?

GW - What? Yellow and slightly sickly? :-)

Morning - maybe we're twins separated at birth? Except you are much younger and far better looking ;-)

Tina - We were there the year before, brilliant place - stayed in Batsi, sleepy and chilled - great beaches and food and no manic nightlife, I'm sure it'll be different now.

kat said...

Okay I've done it but I'm very boring and I'm not as old as some of my albums. :-)

Echo Mouse said...

I've read this 3 times but just now able to comment.

I can soooo see you as a children's entertainer!!! LOL You must share some of your old favourite games with us ;)

And thanks for doing this Nog :)

Artemis said...

are jobs that lasted only one day allowed to go on the list?...

Anonymous said...

I've done it.

and yes. Egg Nog!