Sunday, 8 January 2006

TV Viewing

Calum and I chilled yesterday and he wanted to watch, of all things, darts on the TV. I think it's the numbers - adding and subtracting but I was drawn to the conclusion that this is probably the only professional sport for which I am equipped. I was never tall enough to continue playing rugby after I left school but in darts being 5' 6" need not be a major disadvantage. I have a tattoo but it's not as garish or visible as those on display at the Word Championship and I don't feel uncomfortable in a large room where beer is served. I'm sure I could find myself some silly nickname and as training seems to involve sinking a few pints I'm prepared to give my all for the sport.Anyone interested in sponsoring me?

Tonight's TV viewing is decidedly blokey too. From 6:30 we have live footy on BBC1 (I only have PMT - Poors Man's Telly, no Channel 5 or Sky) and then a brilliant film - "Con Air". Something to distract me from this marking :-)

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Bluefluff said...

I'm sure you're right about the qualifications. Many years ago I played in a 24 hour sponsored darts marathon... that was fun :-)