Friday, 27 January 2006

Rude beer

I can't get this link to work properly so here are the instructions. Hit this link and then follow "News in pictures" and look for "Store Says New Beer's Packaging Is Pornographic". It then opens a slide show which tells a bizarre story about a beer being sold in Susquehanna Valley, Lancaster County, Pa (dunno where Pa is but there ya go - it's somewhere past Land's End going west I think). Some people are upset about the packaging so the bloke flogging it is wrapping the cases in brown paper. Summat bonkers about it - if the booze is good who looks at the box? If the box is rude why was it approved? The beer will kill you before the images and - and this is where my head collapses under the weight of all this thinking - the US is the home of some of the heaviest pornography available on the planet.

4 careful considerations:

Bluefluff said...

Sounds like a publicity stunt to me.

Angie said...

Now how did I miss that? LOL Too funny!!

Nogbad said...

I must admit that this was my first thought but it's aimed at too small an area to be effective BF. Ang - I'm sure you can see that it was you who sent me to that page in the first place! :-)

Jim said...

I live in the area where this beer is produced and sold (eastern Pennsylvania in the USA, less than two hours from the city of Philadelphia).

America is ridiculously puritanical, so we (as a society) are privately stimulated and publicly repulsed by any public display of sexuality.

The brewing industry in that part of the country is actually quite competitive and many smallish breweries compete by creating odd beers or brash marketing strategies.

I enjoyed your post and your blog; I posted a story about it on my site, MaltBlog.