Monday, 30 January 2006

Oh heck!

The Bush/Blair axis is busily installing democracy in places they feel that the populace deserve it and then something goes wrong. You just can't trust the electorate can you?

Both the EU and the US have said they will starve Palastine of humanitarian aid because Hamas, a militant group of thugs responsible for many of the atrocities in Isreal, have won the elections. Of course we're back to the "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" argument - Menachem Begin was Prime Minister of Israel but as a member of Irgun planned the bombing of the King David hotel in which 91 people were killed and at Deir Yassin the objective was to evacuate an Arab village and then destroy it but 100 civilians were killed by forces led by Begin. The rhetoric of many Israeli leaders is not so different from the language used by Hamas and others now. There are countless other examples but the main issue is the hypocrisy of suggesting that imposing democracy on places like Iraq is the answer and then demonstrating that democracy is only valid if the people we like are the ones who win.

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