Saturday, 11 March 2006

But God doesn't think he's Blair

Sorry this is late - the email flagging this up went to an account that seems to redirect some stuff but not all of it. Thanks for the link Bluefluff!

Anyway - this is from the Guardian on Wednesday:
"If Tony Blair thinks his friendship with George W Bush is worth rubbing out a couple of hundred thousand Iraqi men, women and children, then that's something he can talk over with me later," said God. "But when he starts publicly claiming that's the way I do the arithmetic too, it's time I put my foot down!" It is well known that God has a very big foot.
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Echo Mouse said...

I will never understand how Blair could ever think becoming fast friends with Shrub was a good idea. I think he viewed the USA as being 'the answer' during the Clinton years. Then he made the mistake of attributing the same qualities to Shrub.