Sunday, 19 March 2006


Blogger is wobblier than a wobbly thing with a wobbly hat! Posting this by email to see it works but I can't get into Blogger dashboard to post on the web :-(

Later: Message now tidied up as Blogger is back up

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Bluefluff said...

So frustrating when that happens! Just like the spate of 403s recently.

kat said...

It was wobbly earlier but it seems to have settled down now. Engineers have been working on it.

kat said...

By the way, even if Bloggar is playing up, I can usually get in via w.bloggar. I don't have to get into the Dasherboard or login to post. w.bloggar is my favourite piece of software. I can change the templates as well as make posts from within w.bloggar. You can post to numerous blogs from it too.

Nogbad said...

Is it just me or does Kat wander off talking to herself at times? :-)))

I will go and check out w.bloggar PDQ Kat - honest injun

Anonymous said...

Blogger wobble buggered up.

Wobbly blogly blogger wobbled-up.

Ho ho ho ho ho!

Bluefluff said...

Would just like to second Kat's endorsement of w.bloggar - it's so much more user-friendly than Dashboard :-)