Saturday, 11 March 2006

Snow joke!

Grief but it was cold! Not sure if you can see the snow in this photo but it was there! Tough, scrappy game with Canterbury playing uphill in the first half and leading by a couple of points at the turn. In 5 blistering minutes at the start of the second half they scored two tries and the contest was over. Final score: 24 - 7, the Staines number 13 was sin binned twice, Canterbury's Jamie Forsyth carried off with an injury in the final 10 minutes and Calum managed to eat 4 mini pork pies in the first half - a personal record!

6 careful considerations:

kat said...

Do you only feed him when you go to Rugby matches? :-)

My son was beginning to look like a pork pie but he is slimming down again. ( At 12 years of age he is now a good inch taller than me.) He was ordering the large ones online from Tesco. Must keep the child out of the shopping basket.

Nogbad said...

OMG! Am I supposed to feed him other food and at other times????

Echo Mouse said...

LOL Nog and Kat.

Seriously, did you sit outside during that? If so, you could be Canadian! I know, you're thrilled. ;) lol

Nogbad said...

I stood on the upper teir of the main stand Mouse! (okay - there are no stands as such so the upper tier is actually on top of a picnic bench).

Do you have a national anthem I need to learn before I gain citizenship? I'm afraid I can't go shooting bears or clubbing seals - will that be okay? Can I revert to being an Anglo-Scot every second weekend or something so that I can keep up with the football? Canadian beer is rubbish - not sure I will be able to drink that. And I don't speak French so I guess Quebec isn't an option is it? So what benefits accrue from being Canadian - is the healthcare system any good? Are there plenty of obs?

Echo Mouse said...

Wow, cold day then! But for family it's worth it. I oughta knit you scarf for future outings. LOL

About being Canadian, as long as you don't choose to live on the east coast of Canada, the seal thing is not something you need to worry about. Our anthem is actually very pretty. It's called Oh Canada. lol

There are so many scots in Canada it's unfreakingbelievable! You can buy every kind of scot of english beer here. It's called "Imported" beer and is a bit pricier than our canuck brands but it's all here. Same with scotch etc.

As for the french thing, many Canadians can't speak it and don't care to. Besides, Quebec french is crappy. France french is the real deal and few people here know how to speak that (despite it being taught to us in school).

Benefits are that the health system is very good but there are wait times. However, they're working on getting those times minimized. And it's very common for canucks needing care to travel to the USA. And our government actually pays for that. Sheesh.

Jobs...Disney was just in Waterloo, a town in my province of Ontario. The best University for tech training is University of Waterloo so that area is considered Silicon Valley North. MicroSoft, Disney, etc. come here to hire people. You can pretty much write your ticket if you have the skills. Otherwise, Alberta is booming! That province is begging for people in all fields. Huge salaries.

So, do we sign you up or what? ;)

Nogbad said...


Scarf - had two on.

Beer - Anything has to be better than Labbats! I'm half Scots so that's not an issue.

French? I can do french but not the language........... ;-)

We sorted health care here and it's still okay but I don't plan to get ill.

Jobs?? Work???? What is that all about!!! Not sure I want to get involved with too much of that! Huge salaries I can cope with though :-)

I'm going to wait to see what Australia offers before signing up for anything :-)