Friday, 17 March 2006

Just what you need!

Of course Nog's Blog is dedicated to delivering solutions to meet your every need (quite in Canada perlease!!!! - We don't need your mucky interventions :-)))). Anyway, in our endless search for good stuff our Bavarian based contributor has offered a "Mission Statement generator" - you know it makes sense! No more wandering the corridors wondering about what it all means, no more endless meetings trying to determine why you were employed by that company. Here is the online answer to organizational blues! Give it a whizz!

4 careful considerations:

Bluefluff said...

They would love this in the ALCR :-)

kat said...

You can build one for real at

but I haven't bothered. I once worked for someone whose mission statement was almost a page long. No-one could be bothered to read it let alone remember it.

Nogbad said...

I'm sticking with "Live fast, die young and be a good looking corpse"

Before anyone considers an ill considered comment on that I should remind you that I have moderator rights on this blog! :-)))

Echo Mouse said...


I'll check that out.