Saturday, 9 September 2006

Art fer art's sake!

In a desperate attempt to motivate myself to complete and submit the last bit of work on my current course I've registered for a short course as a "treat". And it's an Arts course!!!! "Perspectives on Leonardo da Vinci" is the rascal and the intro reads
Painter, sculptor, musician, poet, architect, engineer, geologist, anatomist, botanist, physiologist, astronomer, philosopher - this course looks at Leonardo da Vinci, an adventurous polymath. It is a multidisciplinary course with contributions from arts, technology, science and maths and computing, and therefore offers a window on study in a wide range of study areas. Leonardo will be examined as inventor, artist and scientist, and in the historical context of Renaissance Italy.

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Morning-Loves-It said...

Very yummy indeed. Arts! What is happening to us all?

I'm doing 20th Century Literature next year. Got a wonderful list of books to buy and to read before it starts.

Nogbad said...

Oh which course is that Mornev? I'm seriously thinking about A103, A200 and AA300

Morning-Loves-It said...

AZX300 which is the electronic version of A300 but that isn't AA300 is it? Or is it?

Probably should begin with A103 but I'm impatient to get on with literature so jumping into the deep end.

'Art fer art's sake' indeedy!

Hazeofpink said...

The Leo course is great! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did :-) I expect you've found this site, but just in case!

Nogbad said...

AA300 is the one about Europe but I'm not sure about this study plan at all - I keep finding courses I really want to do.

Thanks for the link haze! :-)

TRT said...