Sunday, 17 September 2006

My name in lights

I write the occasional book review for FirstMonday and the latest is now online - am I famous yet?

3 careful considerations:

methel said...

Positioned in rogues corner, eh? Two for the price of one offers get everywhere these days ;-)) Sound like good books though! And, yes, that must constitute at least a few seconds of your alloted 15 mins :-)

Bluefluff said...

LOL@Methel, as the first thing I did was scroll down & see Rob's name! Having sorted out that Nigel isn't an imposter, I'm quite impressed by his "bewildered... dazzled" up in lights :-)
Now stop basking & get on with your ECA! :-P

Nogbad said...

ECA is going backwards I think - terribly frustrating but I still have some time to cobble something together. Of course I realise that in the 21st C nobody needs qualifications if they have fame, I can sit back and wait for the celebrity dividend, money rolling in and Ant and Dec popping round for a game of darts!