Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Talk like a pirate

Word is that it's "Talk like a pirate" day today and given all we know about pirates and global warming I think it's the very least we can do isn't it?

I was going to link to a page that had all sorts of pirate phrases but whoever maintains the site has learnt about clever stuff on right-clicks and I hate being treated like a 5 year old so that's not a link I'll be using - he should go out and find out about the Internet and girls and beer rather than sitting at home messing with silly coding stuff that we can all do but chose not to!

And then I find that the link TRT posted is broken! Avast there me hearties this ain't like it was in the good old days of scurvy and rickets!

Check out the world beating prize compo that TRT is running while I grab a beer and reflect on reflection.

1 careful considerations:

Bluefluff said...

Daughter #3 is all lined up to wear her eye patch into college & plaster the place with posters from the UK Pirate Day site. No disabled right clicking on their talk page that I can see.