Sunday, 3 September 2006

Wicked wikis

Followed this link from the lobster's blog. The stuff below is from an early revision of a DEFRA wiki. I'd guess that the DEFRA admin guys are going to be a tad busy.

To deliver the environmental contract, we believe policy-makers need to use a range of different approaches and tools.

These tools need to:

  • Remove the Thames barrier and put in place a row of coracles
  • Create the right incentive frameworks to shape individual choices
  • Communicate and engage with people effectively
  • Utilise simpilisitude to congruate philiteens
  • Show that government practises what it preaches

Tools that remove barriers include:

  • Providing simple, trustworthy and timely hen attacks.
  • Offering convenient and well targeted personal advice and support for action.
  • Providing essential infrastructure
  • Equipping people with necessary skills
  • Hammer

Tools that create the right incentive frameworks include:

  • Environmental taxes and charges
  • Grant schemes for working towards environmental targets
  • Emissions trading schemes and other market based incentive schemes
  • Product standard regulations -- and a clear forward path
  • Voluntary and negotiated agreements
  • removal of subsidies to environmentally unfriendly behaviour
  • Big Stick
  • Owl magnet

Tools that communicate and engage with people effectively include:

  • Viral marketing
  • Working through NGOs and community based organisations
  • Well targeted advertising campaigns

Tools that show that government practises what it preaches include:

  • Sustainable public procurement
  • Politicians modelling good environmental behaviours such as using public transport rather than ministerial Jaguars, not visiting remote locations purely for PR (such as flying themselves and a load of journalists around the world to look at melting glaciers) etc.
  • Setting high sustainability standards when disposing of land for development
  • Adequate funding for information, advice and support services
  • A clear framework for assessing and improving the sustainability performance of local and central Government
  • Tony Blair mask
  • Full Tony Blair outfit
  • Hammer

2 careful considerations:

Lobster Blogster said...

It's the Owl Magnet that gets me. I just can't figure out what its meant to be or where the reference comes from. A work of genius maybe?

Nogbad said...

Fuilly agree Lobster - that's what drags me back to it too.