Saturday, 2 September 2006

Proud to be a Brit

Some things just fill your heart with pride don't they?

Pride in coming from a country famous for tolerance, a country where all are given an opportunity to flourish, a country where healthcare and general education are free. And then you read crap like this!

I've included the photo (owned by Roger Donovan/PA) so that I'm continuing the religious theme and also so that you can see the face of bigotry in the 21st century. The clown in the fancy dress is a religious zealot called Conti and he belongs to one of the Christian sects. Of course his beliefs are mirrored by many imams so it's good to see at least some agreement between two of the groups who preach peace and love as an excuse for war and hatred. The sect he belongs to is also famously reviled for the number of sexual abuse charges levelled against its clergy around the world. From Boston, US and Scotland as well as further afield legal action has been brought against the group Conti speaks for. I really don't believe he can claim any moral ground from which to comment on the behaviour of others - do you? And even if he does make such a claim were he saying this stuff in the name of some of the other sects in this country he would be facing even more vilification. Conti "has previous" when it comes to gay rights.

2 careful considerations:

methel said...

They make me sick...but don't get me started on the CoE... I stopped even trying to contemplate going to our local church when they told me the role of women was in flower arranging on a Saturday - and that was as recently as 2003....grrrrr

Nogbad said...

Bloody hell! I hope they've got the flower rota sorted out by now! :-)