Monday, 10 July 2006

Golden oldies

I'm not usually a fan of reruns or old stuff being rehashed but this looks like a winner! From the same site - the new system of threat level is revealed, don't go there if easily frightened or offended.

The footy is over and the climax was totally unrelated to football and all to do with thuggery but thankfully it didn't feature English players or English fans. Whatever excuse Zidane rolls out I'm afraid I find it hard to believe it can be used to justify an assault. Anyway, on Memex I found a link to some fantastic portraits of footballers - wonderful stuff.

That's me for now - Test Match starts Thursday :-)

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3 careful considerations:

Echo Mouse said...

Well, it's surprising they're in an uproar over a tv show. Has it been THAT long that they've forgotten the UK is the King (or Queen) of comedy? I mean, AbFab, Little Britain...cripes, Benny Hill!!!!

I like the new threat levels though. lol Canada is in a perpetual state of "OMG WTF is Bush doing now and how can we avoid getting involved!" That applies pretty much everyday, among most citizens anyway.

Rob Spence said...

Not sure you've got the level of irony here, echo - all the antics of the DPM are REAL...

Echo Mouse said...

I got it Rob. My examples were poor comparisons.

What I mean is, the UK leads the way (or used to) for not being afraid to say what's true on tv or anywhere else. Its' where Canada got it from. :)