Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Heavy handed plod again

Remember the stories about pensioners being harassed by the police over unpaid council tax? Well the police are at it again. This time the victim is an elderly chap accused of nothing more then offering peerages for some "under the counter" money to support the Labour party. When one of the donors was honest enough, when completing his application for a seat in the House of Lords, to tick the "Yes" box next to "Have you given a quarter of a million quid to the party supporting your application?" this poor old cove rushed round and helpfully suggested that such an admission was not needed.

Of course Lord Levy has a few bob and is now out on bail so I don't suppose we'll see him carted off to see the magistrates just yet but surely the police could be out hassling the real crooks - those who haven't paid the taxes imposed by the very people he is raising money to support.

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Anonymous said...

You might enjoy This Nog. Unrelated to your post, of course...

Rob Spence said...

You might like Marcel Berlins's take on this: