Sunday, 9 July 2006


Feeling German this evening - not sure why but It may have something to do with some sort of 3 to 1 occurrence.


Not mentioned The Mermaid for a while so I thought I'd big it up as The Mermaid is a super pub. You might have missed the post about it being redecced and now having a large non-smoking room as well as an outstanding range of cask conditioned beers and palatable lagers.The beer garden is beautiful but can get busy at weekends so arrive early to make sure you find a table and well cooked but sensibly priced food is available at lunchtimes Monday to Saturday. Always a warm welcome at The Mermaid.

Hopefully Jackie will let me have photos of the redevelopment work so that I can update The Mermaid page on the website but in the interim you can always get your lazy butts down to The Mermaid and enjoy a traditional, friendly, country pub the likes of which is sadly disappearing in this age of bland commercialism.

4 careful considerations:

Angie said...

I wanted Germany for 3rd myself, so happy they won. Now if only France wins tomorrow's game. (keeping fingers crossed)

Bluefluff said...

Was it a free pint for every link? :-)

Yes, quite satisfying to see Portugal get their come-uppance!

Echo Mouse said...

I was fantastically thrilled that Portugal lost! I mean, dance on the tables and shout thrilled.

That's all I'm sayin'

Morning-Loves-It said...

Whats the name of that pub again?