Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Two billion quid anyone?

No real surprise that the government has finally woken up to the idea that we really don't have any option but nuclear for power generation. However much people wring their hands over the risks and uncertainty of waste disposal and the desire for renewables the UK is going to be reliant on as many hamsters as we can get into those little wheels unless some investment is made in building power stations. Of course the discussion then revolves around what type to build but the cost of coal and gas is rising and we rely on other countries for both - not a good place to be as was shown when gas prices from Europe were suddenly increased and also when Russia and Ukraine fell out over a bill.

The key part now, of course, will be how successive administrations address the issue of developing energy from renewable sources - something the UK lead the field in until the ill-fated NFFO which was designed to support renewables but, because nuclear is also a non-fossil fuel, supported nuclear power generation.

This country hits the wall in 2023 with regards to power - we need new provision up and running by then, it's when the current nuclear stations will go end of life and they currently provide 20% of our power - and the amount of power needed will only increase because turning equipment off at night won't save enough power to make up for the house building boom.

4 careful considerations:

Echomouse said...

Sounds just like Canada reading this post.

I think we all just unplug everything and go back to horse and buggy.

Ollie said...

It's an interesting debate, I read today that David Cameron won planning permission to put a wind turbine and solar panels on his West London home. He also cycles to work... but a car follows carrying his papers!

Anonymous said...

They could have saved that much by abandoning tax credits...

I've been well & truly stuffed by them over that, BTW.

As for nuclear... I'm sorry, I have to agree for the mixed approach. Nuclear hasn't quite had it's day yet, but it'll come.

Nogbad said...

I agree that we need a mixed basket of power production but it's such a pain that short-termism means that governments don't actually develop a strategy taking a long view. Someone has to grasp the nettle of NIMBYism and start supporting wind farms - big vote loser so there are few times when a political party feel able to push too hard.