Monday, 3 July 2006


Playing with w.bloggar again and the "Insert stuff about what you are playing in Windows Media Player" intrigued me so that's why you may get a wee bit about what I'm listening to every now and again. As a piece of information it's probably as boring as stamp collecting but I like the idea of these connections - media player talks to w.bloggar which talks to Blogspot which publishes the whole shooting match.

[Current sounds: Smile Like You Mean It, The Killers, "Hot Fuss"]

5 careful considerations:

methel said...

Speaking as a "RealOne" (k.d.lang and J.S.Bach) person it sounds a lot like more microsoft mafia activity to me...someone somewhere will be taking notes, and I don't mean musical ones ;-)

Ollie said...

Hmmm... interesting thought. I've got both Media player and Real player. Have heard that Real player comes with loadsa spyware an' stuff. Anyone experienced any probs with either?

[Currently listening to 'im indoors', practising "Crossroads", - Cream.

Nogbad said...

Ah ha! "Crossroads" Wonderful stuff!

My musical taste is twisted enough to keep the ms mafia tied up for a while :-)

I think the earlier versions of Real were horrible and would take over the PC and all sorts of silly things happened but I use it now (to update the PDA as well as play media) and it's cool - certainly no problems with MS Defender or Ad Aware

methel said...

Never had those probs with Real One myself - just use it 'coz it feels less controlling than mediaplayer!

Nogbad said...

For some reason that URL won't allow deep-linking but copying and pasting from Methel's comment works. Spooky!