Sunday, 2 July 2006

Sad indictment?

Maybe I'm getting old but I find it disturbing that the lead news story is the resignation of the England captain on a day which saw two more soldiers dying in Afghanistan, the discovery of two women murdered in Shrewsbury, the escalation of conflict in the Middle East and four young people dying in a road accident in Northern Ireland.

Beckham is a wealthy man, and good luck to him. He's been very astute in his business dealings and marketed his looks and skills very wisely. I don't doubt he is very upset to give up a job that is the dream of many boys (and girls) but I'm reasonably confident that he and his family will eat tomorrow and the day after that and for many days to come.

By the way - why oh why does anyone think we can control Afghanistan through force of arms? Our own history and, latterly, the history of the Soviet Union show that an indigenous guerilla army can hold off all comers in that difficult terrain.

I think we all know what is meant by "massage parlour" but I don't remember it being used as a euphemism by the police and national news in the way it is with regards the apparent murders in Shrewsbury. The place the bodies of these two unfortunates was found is described as a Health Studio but, and I quote, "police believe it may be a massage parlour". I'm left to wonder where those of us who might need a nice massage can safely go without innuendo.

4 careful considerations:

Angie said...

Ah but that other stuff happens all the time! You have to put it in perspective, how often does he quit being a captain?

Yeah, we get the same stupid lead stories when something so much more deserving should be.

methel said...

well said, sad reflection of what is presently considered "important" and noteworthy, sigh... (and the soldiers were Brits too!)

The Wrath of Dawn said...

That news item even made its way to the colonies.

The media print/broadcast whatever brings in the readers/listeners. Sadly, most people would rather wring their hands over the resignation of a football captain than wrap their little brains around an issue as complex as the situations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Echo Mouse said...

Have to agree with you on what's important in life. But anything to sell papers I guess. We still can't figure out why it's a big deal that Beckham quit being Captain. I mean, why does that matter? And why did he quit? Blah. I don't care about him enough to research it.