Friday, 18 November 2005


Last night was bloody cold and today wasn't much better. I went to the car at 17:15 and the external temperature (according to the display in the car) was -1, I had to de-ice the screen before I could move. I'm sitting next to a listed sash window and a draft that started life on the Russian Steppes is streaming under the curtains and freezing my left arm. The central heating is on and the fire is also burning, Calum is here for a couple of days and he loves the fire - as do I - so we always light it.

Anyway. I hate being cold, I now have two duvets (one winter, one summer) on the bed and the heating might be on until March - we had snow in March this year! If all this stuff about global warming is true I think I'll do my bit by driving at 100MPH and burning fossil fuels at every opportunity (but not on the fire, logs are cleaner and look better). Stuff a 3 degree increase in average temperatures - I don't want them to fall below 16 even in winter!

3 careful considerations:

Wendy said...

burn them fossil fuels for me too. As a desert rat, the fact that it is 33 degrees out and 64 degrees inside...ohhhh, I'm freezing! And, I can't turn the heat up. Too friggen expensive.

Find someone to cuddle , my friend, that is the only answer.

Nogbad said...

Find someone to cuddle?? I think not! I'd rather freeze than have someone else invading my space :-)

kat said...

Nogbad - Computers give off quite a bit of heat. I just snuggle up to mine. :-)))