Thursday, 10 November 2005


Vince Furnier has been all over telly and the radio over the last week or so because he's working in this country again. Lovely bloke, his dad was a vicar and he's a committed Christian too. He doesn't drink and he's never done drugs, been married for 20 odd years and for a bloke of 57 he's in good nick. Great family guy, member of the local PTA, his daughter works with him, and he also takes a pet or two to work with him. Oh, and he has an honorary doctorate from a Christian university, Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Top stuff!

His name isn't Vince anymore though - he changed it by deed poll some years ago so you might know this chap by his stage name and if you ever get chance to see him in concert I'd grab it with both hands - Alice Cooper live is simply awesome.

3 careful considerations:

Angie said...

I have a friend in Scotland who will be seeing him this weekend. I'm jealous.

Nogbad said...

I saw him a couple of years ago - his show is literally unbelievable

Bluefluff said...

I can confirm his "nice guy" status - just picked up a hysterical phonecall from daughter #1 who'd bumped into him in Sheffield this afternoon & done the whole autograph & photos bit!