Monday, 21 November 2005


A possibility of snow by the weekend? Of course this is all because of global warming but I'm wondering whether Mouse might be able to email her SUV over? I live in a valley - today the fog didn't clear so Britain was cut off from Bishopsbourne - and so snow makes it tricky getting out as it's all uphill whichever of the two little lanes I take. Nice chance to show another photo of the snow here in March :-) Give the image some clicky-clicky to see the big one.

3 careful considerations:

Echo Mouse said...

Nog, another lovely photo. Your neighbourhood always brings Normal Rockwell to mind. :)

Isnt' that an SUV in your photo? In any case, I'd be glad to ship my SUV over to ya, except that then what will I use??? lol

Be careful on those roads. It sounds tricky.

Nogbad said...

Who is Normal Rockwell? :-) Yes that's a Land Rover but sadly not mine. Send me your SUV and I'll send you my Peugeot 306 estate - it's silver. Good swap?

Echo Mouse said...

LOL I typed "Normal" LOLOL

Sorry about that, I meant NORMAN. Sheesh, some days I shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard.

Hey, our vehicles are the same colour. That might work. I'll check the forecast here. If we're not getting snow for the next month or so I'll ship my SUV over to ya ;) Sadly, we had flurries today so it's not looking good. I'm sorry Nog :(