Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Get tough on the unhealthy

A poll of more than 2,000 people by private health provider Bupa found 34% supported charges for treatment for people who smoke, drink or are obese.

More than four out of 10 favoured some sort of penalty for people they considered to have self-inflicted health problems.

And 8% said people who led an unhealthy lifestyle should be denied treatment.
The BBC precise of this report is here.

My own view? Well let's ignore for one moment the additional revenue HMG currently gains from smokers and drinkers and look at some of the other issues we might address in this way - and don't forget that the new licensing hours kick in this week. Clearly anyone foolish enough to eat junk food should be excluded too and carcinogenic effect of eating meat has been know for a while so vegetarians only? Being born poor is just stupid so we should select by postcode and, a personal bugbear, Sun readers are often beyond help so lets charge them if they get ill too.

In fact my own view is that the best way of sorting this is that anyone over the age of 25 who doesn't have at least a degree should pay more for health care - big win this as it ties in nicely with HMG's drive for a better qualified workforce.

So there you have it - two policies for the price of one - and you know they followed my lead on nuclear power so if you only have a couple of GCSEs my advice is get studying and don't get sick or have a traffic accident or make the mistake of being born with a congenital defect or working in a high risk employment sector. If you feel that you may be a little off colour in the next few years best sign up for a Masters degree soonest as "qualification inflation" means that soon a BA or a BSc will only get you a couple of Asprin and you'll be sent to the back of the queue.

6 careful considerations:

Anonymous said...

1> Is it your fault if you live near a nuclear plant and get leukaemia?

2> Private medical insurance only does the same, with discounts for profession, lifestyle etc. just like car insurance!

3> Doctors open 24 hours like pubs? In pubs in fact. Why not?

Nogbad said...

1. Of course it is! In Blair's brave new Britain we have maximum mobility - if you can't afford to sell up and move because you live near a power plant (leukaemia near nuclear but equally nasty stuff near coal-fired plants) then who is to blame? Must be your fault!

2. Exactly! So the NHS should jump on that bandwagon. And those who drain the fund by getting long-term illnesses should sort themselves out. We've never had it so good so those malingerers who insist on being on long term invalidity benefits should pull themselves together (frighteningly enough HMG is actually taking steps to deal with this by cutting invalidity benefits).

3. Many of the doctors I've known are in the pub most evenings, they aren't offering consultations though.

Stay healthy or visit this site and get signed up!

Unknown said...

Blimey Nigel - what a rant. I prescribe a lie-down in a darkened room...

Nogbad said...

Thanks Dr Spence but surely my post grad certificate earns me more than that? Can't I claim at least an xray? :-)

bluefluff said...

I'm afraid you missed the small print....

Please be aware that any study-related conditions including but not restricted to lower back pain Repetitive Strain Injury deteriorated vision or stress disorders incurred as a direct or indirect result of seeking to evade health charges will not be covered under the new arrangements.

Echomouse said...

God. You've touched a nerve. lol

I was going to say the same thing GW said in his point 1.

Damn governments are all idiots it seems. Every country, everywhere, they're all full of raging fools. Cripes this makes me mad.