Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Pat Tambrin is 66 and a grandmother.
Magistrates heard police raided her home and recovered seven cannabis plants, cultivation equipment and 17g of the drug in her kitchen.
Pat has denied growing cannabis though the evidence appears, to my untutored eye, to be pretty damning and thus the case will go to Crown Court.

At first glance this may seem harsh, little old lady growing a bit of weed is crushed beneath the jackboot of police oppression but I say No! Cannabis is given to be a "gateway drug" and if we let her get away with seven plants now who knows where it might end? In a few years time she'll have thousands of acres of Northumbria given over to opium poppies and the economy of the golden triangle will collapse. The regeneration of war torn Afghanistan will stall and US and British soldiers will be there for generations because the economic heart has been ripped out of that benighted land. Chinese Triads will also suffer and the knock on effects on the cuisine of this country will be catastrophic. Legitimately employed drugs mules will be forced to claim benefits as the need to bring in these noxious drugs collapses. BA will probably have to cut flights and Customs and Excise will be laying off staff.

Of course, if she's paid her Poll Tax she should escape jail! Read the BBC's take on this here.

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kat said...

I don't think she has denied growing it. It seems the only reason she is pleading 'not guilty' is because she wants to be heard in the Crown Court.

I have been in the magistrates' court several times before and you never get justice. She is probably right with that but why on earth has she been there several times? :-)

I wonder if the cannabis belongs to a younger member of the family. It occurs to me that if my son presented me a cannibis plant I would probably raise it with loving care not realising what the hell it was.

Wendy said...


Bluefluff said...

There are plenty of recipes on her website!

kat said...

ah! now I understand.