Friday, 3 February 2006

Are we really surprised?

This is terribly depressing. As the number of dead, servicemen and women and civilians, continues to rise in Iraq we are now being told - by someone who certainly appears credible - that the decision to use military force in Iraq had been agreed between Bush and Blair months before it was discussed in parliment. The BBC report is here. In The Observer review of the original edition, the details of the meeting at which it is said the decision was reached is in a new edition being released today, John Kampfner said
"His is a penetrating, detailed account of the extent to which those who claim to be spreading global values have ridden roughshod over them."
The author, Philippe Sands is a QC and professor of international law at University College London so seems unlikely to make assertions he knows to be inaccurate - or am I being naive?

3 careful considerations:

Echo Mouse said...

Thanks so much for that link and this post.

I'm not at all surprised. But I will never understand the bond between Blair and Bush. It seems beyond stupid. Even Blair's wife seems smarter than him. Kick him out and make her PM. Or would that not be an improvement?

This too is why I'm so worried about the nutjob some of my fellow Canucks just elected. He too will be right in there with Blair and Bush. And if he is, I pray to God someone stops him before he can involve Canada in any of this crap. Anymore than we already are I mean.

Rob Spence said...

It wouldn't be an improvement, no. This is a woman who, on the one hand is a QC earning millions as a respected barrister, and on the other wears a special crystal to maintain a positive aura...

Nogbad said...

No I'm with Rob - Cheri Blair is nuttier than a fruit cake I'm afraid. And she must also be implicated in where we are now - she can't say she didn't know! In her defence though, she's certainly taken the government to court over a few civil liberties issues.