Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Didn't I say that?

I know I commented that the Superbowl officials had a mare on Sunday and I'm not alone in that view.
Seattle fans have a right to feel sick. Their team just suffered the most unjust loss in Super Bowl history.
This from Kevin Hench (who he?) on FOXSports where he dissects a sport which loves statistics almost as much as cricket. But why was I there? Well I followed a link from Ang's site to a site which lists and reviews all the adverts shown (on US TV) during breaks in the game. How anal is that???? Go check it out - marvel at the sheer range of mainly male biased advertising. Gasp at the fact that they are still allowed to call Bud and Miller Lite "beer", giggle that the first car advert, during a game based in the Motor City, was for Toyota nand wonder why anyone would spend so much time and trouble compiling this site! To my friends over the water - get the BBC to cover the game, as they do with the FA Cup, and you won't get all this rubbish.

3 careful considerations:

Angie said...

Someone sent me the link just so I could see MacGyver in action. :) I was a huge MacGyver fan and started collecting the dvds now that they are out. (yeah, I'm sad)

As to the commercials, why else would a game with 4 - 15 minute quarters last 5 hours?? LOL

Echo Mouse said...

I didn't watch it but learning (thank you Nog) that the first auto commercial was for Toyota cracked me up!! LOL

That might have something to do with the new Toyota plant being built just 3 hours down the highway from Windsor (the city in Canada directly across the border from Detroit).

Let's not forget too that the original North American automakers (Ford, GM) make crappy vehicles and have even crappier customer service. Yea, that might have something to do with it. :)

Nogbad said...

It's a long time since I've owned a Ford but many we saw here were built here at Dagenham (and some still are I think) but despite the once great heritage of car manufacturing in the UK we only have a couple of small British car makers left. But they make decent motors at TVR.