Thursday, 23 February 2006


So what is it with astrology? Am I to believe that something written by someone who doesn't know me is likely to be accurate about who I am and what I think and what will happen to me? (Okay - what is likely to happen to me is determined by a load of blokes in suits in Westminster but that's by the by). How can anyone think that when they were born can shape their ideas and views and personality? How does all that work??? If anyone is interested my birthday is in early August (so start saving now for cars and presents) and my birthsign is Tupperware on the cusp of Absolut Blue - that help?

2 careful considerations:

kat said...

Yer a Leo - Leo's are well known for advertising their birthdays.
Why are you upset over Astrology? - Take no notice of it!

As a Virgo, I'm supposed to be an organised, tidy, prime and proper, perfect little miss. See - Told yer it was a load of rubbish.

Nogbad said...

Oh I'm not upset Kat, I just find it funny (and I'll be posting regular reminders about my birthday :-))

And I thought you were in your prime or am I missing something?