Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Once upon a life.....

in a time long, long ago an ogre created a new thing.

This thing was imbued with many of the attributes we see as human but was missing a few key components. The main one was the ability to RTFM. This lack of the RTFM gene proved no barrier to gaining employment but it created a vacuum, an unfilled space in creation.

Had this space been left unfilled the whole fabric of the universe might have been torn apart so a beneficent genie, seeing the dangers, created the magic bullet - the only hope for humankind. This being, this "magic bullet", was crafted with precision and care, with muscles hewn from Italian marble and the wits and skills of an Arctic Fox, with the eyesight of an eagle and the agility of a gazelle, acute hearing to catch the futile clicking of a dead space bar and the language skills to translate grunts and growls into enough information to save the planet almost daily. These superhumans had the patience to nurse poorly servers or try to console users who have lost years of work, the sang froid to shrug when a DOS attack is beaten off by a hastily configured firewall and the resiliance to repeatedly explain why sending an email to everyone in the world about the "cute little teddy bear" virus is less than helpful.

Read about these brave souls here.

1 careful considerations:

kat said...

Um I've got a few of these. Here's one to be going on with.

"Kath, I've just got Adobe Photoshop and I've really, really got to learn how to use it. Will you read the manual for me."