Thursday, 2 February 2006

For Kat!

Kat asked about the connection speeds from the cabins on HMS Daring so I went back to the BBC report to see what it said.
Lt Cdr Woodruff said it was a distinct step forward for the Royal Navy.

"We've certainly caught up with the electronic age," he said.

"Nowadays the crew can write home on their laptops and it can be with their loved ones within hours rather than days, which is what I was used to when I first joined up."
Now I may be a tad old fashioned but my understanding was that an email travelled slightly quicker than "a couple of hours". I'm not convinced that Lt Cdr Woodruff has a firm grip on the electronic communications age but I suppose his main job might be driving the boat or something.

Seriously - I wonder if there is some inbuilt delay to allow for censoring posts in and out? I know it's usually the MoD or RAF who leave files or laptops with top secret plans lying around in cabs or pubs in London but there may be some issues about the element of surprise if Johnny sends an email to his mate at The Sun telling him that they are sailing at full speed to carry out a suprise attack on.............

2 careful considerations:

kat said...

I bet the censoring of this mail can be done from dry land. I'll send them my CV.

Nogbad said...

Good call Kat! And they are not looking for a fast turn round, a couple of hours to read through a mail and check that it doesn't include lines like "We're a bit worried that the hull leaks like a sieve whenever we turn left" or "Whatever they say on the news mum we're not near Malta at all - we're sailing at top speed towards Ryde on the IoW"