Saturday, 27 August 2005

Alcohol is the scourge of the working classes

Or some such which. As a parent and a university tutor and a responsible human being it would be terribly bad of me, particularly as St Tone and Co are trying to stamp down on binge drinking, to suggest that drinking anything stronger than a weak shandy is a good idea.

That's the disclaimer out of the way!
I got this from Coolio's (Coolios can be a tad rude but a regular here writes there and has mentioned this blog a couple of times and that's how I found it - not because I'm in any way rude! :-)) - check this out: I've done more than half of them! And that includes standing next to St James's Gate in Dublin where this photo was taken.

8 careful considerations:

Anonymous said...

I was in the pub once, in a naughty mood and I asked the bar maid for a shandy.

"Shall I give you a bitter or a lager?" she asked.

I replied, "Hand if you're willing!"

Nogbad said...

Many moons ago in a different reality I used to work behind a bar (I've worked behind many bars but nowhere close to the number I've leant on socially). When feeling frisky I'd use the following lines with young ladies: "Can I get you anything? Drunk? Pregnant?"

With my boyish charm and cheeky good looks and a large slab of wood between us I usually escaped with a light ear bashing but sadly, since then, we've introduced Draconian laws about who can work in pubs and decimal currency. I doubt I'd be nimble enough now to whiz round serving attractive young ladies their bottle of Mackeson "by the neck" or Babycham with a cherry. Times change don't they? :-)

Angie said...

A tad rude?? LOL I guess it depends on your definition of rude. :) I prefer pervy myself. ;)

As to the list, 0 outta 40. Then again, only been doing the drinking thing since November. (I need something to pass the time while bush is still in office)

Wendy said...

well, I've accomplished 10 out of the 40. That's not too bad. I'm most proud of #9.

kat said...

I have been to St James's Gate, I have worked in a bar and I have made my own wine. I'm admitting to nuffing else.

Angie said...

You know there is a St James Gate here that a friend and I hang out at most Friday nights. Very kewl place with live music even ... and peach martinis!!

Anonymous said...

I've only done 6 of them. Boy! I must be boring. As for number 36, I actually own a bottle of absinthe. I can't get it down though as it's eaten it's way three quarters of an inch (~2cm) into the shelf. And as for #11, I've bought drinks for those well below my league - it's hard to bat above your league when you're at the top!
I must get myself invited to the oysters and guiness event in Dublin. Should be easy enough as one of my in-laws works for guiness! I'm on their mailing list anyway. I keep getting cool freebies from them.

Nogbad said...

Wendy - I've managed number 9 a couple of times in my youth but I'd think that probably be able to get served now.

GW - Absinthe I haven't tried but I've done #11 a few times with varying results ;-) I love Dublin - only been once and that was for work but it's a great place and I crammed in as much "touristy" stuff as possible. I plan to spend more time there when work/studying and finances allow.

Regarding #5 - I've never been arrested or spent a night in a drunk tank but I remember an old police sargent once telling me that Manchester used to have a charge "Drunk but not fighting" to distinguish between D&D and those simply D.

#14 - When a good deal younger I was in a few Manchester Gang Shows. A friend of mine was given Ralf Reader's bar (from his home) as part of Reader's will. I've had a drink from that bar (more than one as it goes).