Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Meet with Cindy

I don't know how many people outside the States are aware of this campaign. Cindy Sheehan's son was killed in action in Iraq and the simple idea is that Bush should meet Cindy and explain why the war started and why it is continuing. Those in the UK might remember the guy who stood against Blair at the last election, he stood in Sedgefield on the single issue of opposition to the war and to raise awareness - he'd lost a son there too. Personally I think that if democracy is worth anything then people like Cindy should be able to ask her elected representative to explain their actions - particularly given the price she's paid.

Thanks for highlighting this one Ang!

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Lobster Blogster said...

Now you've gone all red, white and blue. Do all blogs have to display a stars and stripes at some time?

Nogbad said...
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Nogbad said...

Amazing number of typos in the previous one!

Sorry Lobster - I'm really not sure I get this.

ScaryCheri said...

ooh, awesome!
thanks for the link!